Sincere effort and dedication goes into every piece of Ocpita product that we bake. At Aldar Bakery Inc. in Anaheim, CA, we have skilled bakers who use our traditional, special recipe. Hence, your customers can enjoy the distinctive taste of this freshly baked delight reminiscent of hearty Arabian home cooking.

The same love and passion are evident in our other Pita offerings. Since day one, we made it a point to cater to our customers’ gastronomic needs by baking only the best, healthiest, and tastiest products.

Our commitment to satisfying your needs and intent to preserve the tastefulness of Pita distinguish us from the competition. For us, success means providing the highest-level of client satisfaction.

We make this possible by creating only the finest Arabian-cuisine-inspired baked goodies that are sure to satisfy your customers’ palates with every bite. Learn more about our company. Contact us today, and we will gladly entertain all your inquiries.

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